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Don't have time to cook fresh food for your furry babies? We prepare Macha weekly, making sure to deliver it fresh and ready to your door. We prepare it with love and conscience, as well as free of chemicals and additives. Your furry baby will be benefiting from the best nutrition and enjoying a life full of love.
Heidi Jaramillo

About Us

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Our Story

I am the mother of 3 beautiful fur babies, who 10 years ago decided to give everything I had to give them the best quality of life. I realized that they are pure love and what they need from us are very basic things such as good nutrition, physical activity and a lot of love. After discovering the poor quality of mass-produced animal food, I decided to spend my time researching and switching them to a diet consisting of real ingredients in order to improve their nutrition. I have been feeding Macha to my eldest daughter Malu for more than 10 years. The physical and emotional improvement was instantaneous. Now I want to share our anecdotes, experiences and recipes with all of you so that the MACHA CHANGE (Process of awareness of the food we eat and give to ingest to our loved ones) will continue to grow and further improve our fur friends’ quality of life

Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken in you the curiosity to know the ingredients that make up the food with which you are currently feeding your furry. In turn, raise awareness about the quality of life that you are giving to that loved one. Motivate you to take a little time to spend selecting, mixing, preparing and serving them a nutritious and delicious meal based on real and fresh ingredients. Thus reinforcing your connection with these beings that give us unconditional and infinite love.