My furry ones are the purest love I have come to know. Their eyes fill me with tenderness and give me strength to continue. They get me out of bed even on the grayest days. They make me smile with their mischiefs. It makes me feel nostalgic when Charles and Roma hug and caress each other with such devotion. They make me feel gratified when they devour the food that I prepare and serve them every day. Tears come to my eyes when I see how my gordita (Malu) fades away every day. Gordita of my life I would like you to be eternal. May your eyes never go out. I wish I could sleep with you until the last of my days. I would like us to leave this life together. That we stop suffering together. You teach me so much. In your eyes there are no judgments, there is no evil, there is no hate. Your little eyes, although they are no longer the big, awake and blue eyes they used to be, are still shining. You open them slower and they’re gray now, but they jump when I get close to you. Gorda you are my faithful and beloved companion. With you my days are happier. I feel proud and lucky to be your mom.

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