Today I said goodbye to my baby.

My daughter,

Mi gorda,

My princess,

my good girl,

My friend,

My confidant,

My little girl,

The guardian of my being,

My Malu.

In the end you no longer listened,

You didn’t see clearly

Your bones have grown weak

Your kidneys stopped working

you were tired

Your heart stopped beating

Your eyes shone to the end,

Your eyes will shine on me every day.

You taught me so much,

You taught me that when you wake up,

The first thing to do is say hello.

Follow by kissing and hugging.

The day starts with a good walk

To that favorite place, our favorite place

where we sat to enjoy

the silence of words

To listen

The rustle of the leaves

to feel the wind,

to look at the clouds,

To admire the sky.

A little exercise always came in handy

We get home and a good breakfast makes you so happy

As I get ready to start my day,

You are fixed by my side (even to the bathroom you accompany me)

I leave home, always in a hurry,

And you, so calm, just wait for me to say goodbye to you,

I kiss you and tell you,

Be a good girl, gorda, take care of your brother and sister, I’ll be right back, I love you…

I come home and there you are,

I open the door and you come out excited to receive me,

I hug you, I kiss you, I put your leash on and we go for a walk.

We look at the sunset together

I hug you and tell you everything that happened in my day.

You, by my side, fixed.

We return home and a special dinner awaits us,

You eat with so much emotion

We watch a movie and lay on the bed.

we say goodbye,

I give you a kiss, I hug you, I tell you that I love you,

You perch on my arm and close your eyes.

That’s how you closed your eyes today

Perched on my arm.

My days will be different without you

But I’ll keep walking

I will continue to go to our favorite place

I’ll keep looking at you in the sky

I will continue watching the sunsets

I will continue to love you

Always and Forever

Until we meet again

Gordita of my life.

I’ll be fine,

I promise.

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