What inspires me, some people ask… it takes too much time, others say… not even for me I have time to cook… you must spend lots of money in their food. The excuses are infinite. But the reason why I do it is just one, because I love them.

When I wake up the first thing I see is their still sleepy faces. Malu, who’s already 14 years old, is the one who stays in bed the longest. Charles, 4 years old, resting next to his sister Malu. He opens his eyes slowly when he feels that Malu has already woken up. Roma, the baby of the house with 3 years old is wide awake, ready, next to the refrigerator waiting for me to open it and serve their breakfast.

I go for a walk with Malu, she teaches me that there is nothing better than starting the day with a good walk. Smell a flower here and there, greet the neighbor, feel the breeze and smile when seeing the first rays of sun.

When we return home, the cats are already anxious in front of the refrigerator. As soon as the refrigerator opens, the 3 of them are in an uproar next to me. The felines hovering at my feet and Malu sitting looking at me with her big, illuminated eyes that speak for themselves.

Mealtime is their happiest hour of the day, as soon as I serve them food, they each devour their portion of it. There is nothing left, literally nothing, their stomachs are full and my heart is happy. Once again they show me that the time I dedicate to preparing their food is worth it. They like it, it Keeps them healthy, it makes them happy and for me that’s all it matters.

I know it’s the right thing, I feel it’s the right thing to do.

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