Hiii everyone I’m Malú 🐶 and I’m 12 years old and this is my story… When I came into my mom’s life I was 2 months old. I was the cutest little furry creature my mom and dad ever saw, but I also had a strange stomach virus. The doctors told my mom I was not going to survive, but she decided to save me and I decided to stay. My mom followed all the instructions the doctor gave her and was so punctual with my medicines. Her patient, care and love helped me survive and be able to grow next to my family.

Although the virus was gone, I still had stomach problems. Most foods did not help with my digestion and I was constantly throwing up and had dificulty to poop. My mom started investigating about every type of food in order to help me and see me happy and healthy. She got to the point she went to visit a processed pet food factory to investigate about the quality of food she was feeding me with. What she saw traumatized her and ever since she didn’t stop investigating about nutrients, minerals and ingredients that were good for me…

My parents realized the best food for me was the same healthy and organic food they consume, and they decided to cook real meals for me. I was sooooo happy when they made the decision to switch me from that nasty & boring food to the delicious, tasty and healthy food they being cooking for me ever since… I feel so healthy, I am super active and my hair is gourgeos !! (I know this because every time they take me for a walk everyone stops to compliment me ☺️) …

My mom created this brand in order to help other furry friends change their lifestyle and help parents understand the importance of taking good care of us!!! We just love u humans sooooo much and we don’t ask for much… don’t give us so much toys because we don’t really need them… Just please feed us with love… learn how to cook for us… and if you don’t have time or patience to do it follow my mom’s page, she can help you get our Macha Pet Food delivered to you.

My mom cooks with so much love!!! And love is all we need to have a beautiful life….

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